The Green Party & The Aahrus Convention ???

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Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 7:40 PM
Subject: [Green Party] Reply from European Parliament


Some may be interested to know that a reply has been received from the European Parliament regarding the petition sent to them on September 22nd 2003 in connection with the huge Iron Age Celtic oppidum centred around Turoe & Knocknadala (in East Galway): which is about to have a major new road put straight through its centre.

A scanned copy of the reply has now been placed at the Internet address provided below.  As can be seen, the European Parliament has given it the reference number "Petition 1018/2003".

If nothing else, the whole matter has at least been brought to the attention of the European Parliament - and in a way which cannot easily be denied at a later date (as many politicians seem to me to be inclined to do as and when it suits them).

I have not heard anything from Margot Wallstrom (EU Environment Commissioner I copied the petition to).  Nevertheless, I think it very likely that she will have received the copy of the petition (and the new book), and that she will have noted both. 

Certain bits and pieces I have read suggest that Sweden has made a massive contribution to EU progress regarding environmental matters (including heritage protection).  Unfortunately, and as many already know, a political colleague
(Foreign Minister Anna Lindh) of Wargot Wallstrom was stabbed to death a few weeks ago in a department store in Stockholm.  As the two of them looked like each other, and were of similar stature, and similar age, some of course are speculating that it might have been a case of mistaken identity.  Regardless of speculations, the actual cold-blooded murder of this very pro-EU Swedish politician must be very frightening (and sickening) for Margot Wallstrom.  If nothing else, I feel sure that the thought "I might be next" must have crossed her mind.  My hope is that she will find the courage to continue on with the good work she has been doing.

I have asked the Post Office here for a photocopy of the delivery signature for the registered packet I sent to Margot Wallstrom on September 22nd 2003. Though they (i.e. the GPO in Dublin) have responded in a positive way, I have been informed by e-mail that it may take some weeks before they can let me have the photocopy I have requested.

The scanned copy of the reply from the European Parliament is at:

Also, I have sent information regarding the Aarhus Convention to the "mass-media".  I can only hope that it might lead to a healthier situation regarding the extremely ignorant and irresponsible way newspapers generally (including Irish ones) seem to me to report on matters such as major new roads, superdumps, incinerators, etc..  They have NEVER yet (to my knowledge) made ANY significant attempt whatsoever to inform their readers of the very powerful legal rights and protections that ordinary citizens now have under EU law in relation to such projects.  My very hurried attempt at informing the mass-media about the Aarhus Convention etc. can be seen at:

Regards to all,

Billy Finnerty.

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