October 5th 2002 e-mail to the Environment Protection Agency
(RE: Woodlawn House & Celtic Waste superdump)

Sent by: "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
To: "Wexford Receptionist" <REC_WEX@epa.ie>
Cc: "Police Inspector John O'Riordan (Western Region)" <agswr@iol.ie>; "Police Commissioner Pat Byrne (Chief Officer, Garda Siochana)" <comstaff@iol.ie>; "Finnachta (Eircom a/c)" <finnachta@eircom.net>; "Billy Finnerty (MSN Hotmail)" <billyfinnerty1945@hotmail.com>; "Liam O'Finnachta (finnachta.com)" <finnachta@finnachta.com>; "William P. Finnerty (Eircom a/c)" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>; "William Finnerty (Yahoo)" <newinngalway@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2002 5:44 AM
Subject: Thank you - Re: Woodlawn House and the Celtic Waste superdump.

Dear Ms Rochford,

You may wish to know that a copy of my October 3rd 2002 e-mail to Police
Commissioner Pat Byrne has now been sent to several other parties -
 including the world's press.

 For further detailed information, please see either of the following two
 Internet pages:




 Mr William Finnerty
 E-MAIL:   wfinnerty@eircom.net
 WEB SITE 1:   http://homepage.eircom.net/~williamfinnerty/
 WEB SITE 2:   www.finnachta.com

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From: "Wexford Receptionist" <REC_WEX@epa.ie>
To: "'William Finnerty'" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 9:18 AM
Subject: RE: Woodlawn and the Celtic Waste superdump

 Dear Mr Finnerty,

Your correspondence of 3 Oct has been forwarded to the relevant people for
Thank you and regards,
Ann Rochford @ info@epa.ie
Environmental Protection Agency
An Ghníomhaireacht um Chaomhnú Comhshaoil
PO Box 3000
Johnstown Castle Estate
County Wexford, Ireland
Tel:  +353 53 60600
Fax: +353 53 60699
e-mail: info@epa.ie

-----Original Message-----

From: William Finnerty [SMTP:wfinnerty@eircom.net]
Sent: 03 October 2002 19:58
To: Police Commissioner Pat Byrne (Chief Officer, Garda Siochana)
Cc: Environment Protection Agency; Police Inspector John O'Riordan
(Western Region); Green Party (Ireland); Nature Ireland; William Finnerty
(Yahoo); William P. Finnerty (Eircom a/c); Liam O'Finnachta
(finnachta.com); Billy Finnerty (MSN Hotmail); Finnachta (Eircom a/c)
Subject: Woodlawn and the Celtic Waste superdump

Dear Commissioner Byrne,

Front page headlines on today's local newspaper relate that a company
called Celtic Waste applied last Friday to Galway County Council for
planning permission to built a superdump within a mile or so of Woodlawn
House (a local heritage site).

I wrote to Mr Gemelli at the European Union about this matter on September
7th last and it appears that he is completely ignoring my letter.

As I suspect criminal activity of the kind associated with
"political/legal/corporate" corruption, I would be grateful if you would
look into the matter of why Mr Gemelli is failing to respond to my letter
to him of September 7th 2002.  A copy of the text of my letter to Mr.
Gemelli - together with details of the Post Office registered letter
information - can be seen at the following internet location:

I look forward to receiving a written explanation from you within the
coming 14 days please.


Mr William Finnerty.

Postal address:  "St Albans, New Inn, Ballinasloe, County Galway.

This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential
and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to
which they are addressed. If you have received this e-mail
in error, please notify the EPA postmaster - postmaster@epa.ie

The opinions contained within are personal to the sender and
do not necessarily reflect the policy of the Environmental
Protection Agency.

This footnote also confirms that this e-mail message has been
swept by MIMEsweeper for the presence of computer viruses.



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