Julius Caesar
(100 - 44 B.C.)

Text of Hotmail e-mail dated January 23rd 2004

 Subject:    "Go away Julius - PLEASE, and don't come back again."

  From: "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
To: "Dr. J. Zion (Lawyer based in the United States)" <JZion@aol.com>
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Subject: Go away Julius - PLEASE, and don't come back again.
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 15:26:08 -0000

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Dear Jim,
I have now looked fairly carefully through the three e-mails I recently received from you, and I would like to comment as follows:
1) I would have no difficulty at all in agreeing with you that despite his assassination in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar (and his imperialistic, tyrannical, violent, and wholly corrupt ways) do not appear to have been very far away from the centre of world politics during most of the period between then and now.  Not only that, I believe that the very bad political example he set still dominates world politics at the present time; and, that his type of obnoxious, bullying attitudes are at present providing the driving force for the present "big push" for such things as (for example) the location of a huge superdump close to the world famous Turoe Stone, and a motorway right through the middle of the Tara/Skreen Valley.  (Information on the Turoe Stone, in East Galway, can be found at http://homepage.tinet.ie/~williamfinnerty/protest/nov21_stone.htm , and, on the Tara/Skreen situation, in County Meath, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taraskreen/
However, and although I am not a lawyer, I tend to think that the 40 States in Europe who signed the United Nations Aarhus Convention have (in effect, and as far as legal theory goes at least) to a very large extent now thrown Julius Caesar outside the doors of their various jurisdictions. This viewpoint is (I feel) very strongly supported by statements being made in public by EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom that "Citizens will NOW be able to act as environmental watchdogs!" (in their own local communities). This particular quote is taken from the http://www.celticparty.com/ web site, and the full context can be seen at:
I am copying this e-mail to Margot Wallstrom - so, perhaps she will let one or both of us know, FOR DEFINITE hopefully, whether or not any form of legally binding agreement/contract exists at the present time for Republic of Ireland public servants to support the Aarhus Convention social and environmental principles - in practical ways - in their day-to-day public-service activities. The text of the agreement signed certainly does use the word "contract" in at least one place as far as I can remember.
Unfortunately, and as we both well know, the many people who (knowingly or otherwise) tend to mimic Julius Caesar today (at all levels and in all areas of society), also have no qualms whatsoever about putting themselves above the law as and when it suits them - just as he did.  Consequently, and with regard to environmental and certain other issues, the "thinking" ways of Julius Caesar continue to run wild here in the Republic of Ireland: in spite of the very unambiguous Margot Wallstrom quote in the 2nd paragraph up.  The only significant aspect of his behaviour which seems to be missing from here just now, and of course it is something to be VERY grateful for I feel, is the massive amounts of physical bloodletting and killing that he liked to indulge himself in. Even that aspect of his behaviour still exists on a much reduced scale here, and (not surprisingly) it appears to be growing again in the Republic of Ireland in a very worrying way during recent years.
2) The Supreme Court (Republic of Ireland) decided, in "Byrne v Ireland (1972)",  that "the State is a juristic person which can be sued for the wrongful acts of its public servants".  I personally feel that it is now time, and well past time, for a number of our present day public servants here in the Republic of Ireland to be legally challenged through the use of this legal precedent: in connection with certain aspects of their professional behaviour in public office.
More can be found on Byrne v Ireland (1972) in Section 2 of the e-mail dated December 21st 2001 (Saturnalia) to Margot Wallstrom - which has been re-produced at:
There is however a MAJOR practical snag relating to the present-day use of the above mentioned legal precedent.  When civilian citizens (i.e. ordinary people) try to find the necessary professional legal help they need to carry out the kind of legal challenge I have in mind, they now find (as in the days of Caesar), and as I have personally found to date - over and over again during the past five years or so - that they are blocked (by insidious means) at EVERY point from doing so.  Consequently, many of the "Julius Caesar" types of sick (and sickening) social problems continue unabated here: all in the midst of much very carefully selected "huffing and puffing", and "spin", and "circus" in the mass-media - which is also of course very much in keeping with the ways of Julius Caesar & Company.  "Give them a bit to eat, and plenty of circus" was, if I remember correctly, a core (and highly effective) rule-of-thumb used by the rulers of ancient Rome for keeping control over the many "civilians" they arrogantly and disrespectfully excluded from their elitist cliques.
Some of the details of my personal efforts at trying to find the necessary legal help I require for the job in question can be viewed in the e-mail dated June 21st 2003 to the Secretary General of the European Communities at the address immediately below.  Please note that I not have received ANY reply to date (from ANY of the people the e-mail was sent to).
A few examples of the kinds of things I believe certain senior Republic of Ireland politicians FULLY DESERVE to be challenged on now (in a court of law, or something very similar such as a Public Inquiry or Tribunal of some sort), can be found at the two addresses provided below under a) and b):
a) Knowingly (I strongly suspect) producing spurious law which is in breach of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland, and continuing to act forcefully on it as though it was valid law - despite numerous requests over a period of years to have it checked (which, to date, have all been completely ignored):
b) Failing to deal responsibly with serious bribery allegations concerning a very profitable rubbish-disposal company now called Greenstar, which is almost entirely owned by the much larger PPP (Private Public Partnership) company called National Toll Roads.  Please see:
I genuinely believe that a few criminal convictions involving senior politicians here in the Republic of Ireland (in connection with matters such as those mentioned above) - for offences such as "neglect of duty" and "dereliction of duty", for example, might, in combination with the copious application of Aarhus Convention Agreement principles, do wonders (possibly?) to set in motion the final decommissioning of the long lingering "political" spirit of Julius Caesar - and all of the closely associated human misery which so much of our world has been plagued with throughout the past 2,000 years or so? 
3) At the present time, I am unable to provide you with answers to the three legal queries you raise in paragraph 6 of your e-mail to me (dated January 21st 2003, 2.54 PM).
However, I have a friend and neighbour who's daughter is a law student at nearby Galway University.  I understand that she returns to college next week, and I believe it is possible that she may, given the right amount of time, be able to provide good quality answers for you to these 3 technical legal questions you have asked me about.  Better still, she MIGHT be willing to give you her e-mail address, and if this is the case you may wish to communicate with her directly.
Finally, I will (as you have requested) gladly add your name and e-mail address to the Turoe Celtic Society list.  Their web site address is: http://www.turoeandathenry.com 
Best Wishes,
PS: I am also copying this e-mail to Fhiona.  With sad thoughts of the final fate of Vercingetorix in my mind, I hope she will forward it to as many Celtic web sites and contacts around the world as she can.  Also, and as it now seems to me that we are in a "10 minutes to midnight"  type of situation regarding the still intact (but soon to be destroyed) heritage sites in the Tara/Skreen Valley, I hope she will do so as soon as she reasonably can.

   Vercingetorix   VERSUS   Julius Caesar 
  Alesia (near Dijon, France) 52 B.C.


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