Copy of e-mail sent to Joe Callanan T.D. on July 29th 2003
(Galway County Councillor and East Galway T.D.)

Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 9:45 AM
Subject: Sli Dala, and chance meeting with Joe Callanan T.D. last Saturday
There was something I completely forgot to mention to you in yesterday's e-mail - which MIGHT be useful regarding the Sli Dala road section which is now in imminent danger possibly. A lot of things happened last Friday and Saturday, and the set of events outlined below seems to have just slipped my mind up until now.
Last Saturday, a few of us went for a meal at lunchtime with Fr. Tom O'Connor in Loughrea - just before he started packing his things to return to Borneo.
While we were in the restaurant, Fr Cathal Stanley (who chaired the meeting the evening before) happened to see Joe Callanan T.D. coming in, and he invited him over to meet Fr. Tom. 
Fr. Tom told Joe about his deep concerns for some of the ancient sites now under threat from JCBs and the like - including those around Boyhill near Athenry (which you did not see yet I think). Then, in the middle of I telling Joe about the Sli Dala section we looked at the night before opposite the Loughrea Rugby Club, I thought of you, and I asked him if he knew you.  He said he did.  I then briefly explained that you had seen the 2000 year old Sli Dala road section just hours before, and that you felt very concerned - for a number of reasons, and not least the great loss it would be to Loughrea Town if it gets destroyed.  Joe made some notes in a little book he was carrying, but I'm not sure if it was his intention to contact you or not. 
I also asked Joe what he thought about a comment (made by Dan Hassett the evening before) that as all planning permissions in County Galway are granted by a relatively small group of people (just 10 or 12 say), that it might be possible to alert them to the sites mentioned in Fr Tom's new book: particularly those which are in obvious danger at the present time.  As I recall it, Joe seemed to think that there probably are only 10 to 12 people involved, and that this is the same - more or less - for all counties.  Again, I can't remember if Joe said anything about he trying to alert the 10 or 12 people in question himself.
If it's of any use to you, I looked on the Internet this morning and found some good contact information for Joe Callanan at the following address:
Later today, I also intend to let Kieran Jordan have the above information. 
PS: As I recall it, Fr Tom told me just after last Saturday's chance meeting with Joe that he was at the book launch on July 13th, and that he already has a copy of the new book.

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