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For much of life on earth, NATURE transmits an important signal on December 21st of each year. This is the day of The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.
It is on this day that nature's annual cycle of decay and degeneration gently (and almost imperceptibly) switches large portions of its energies to those of the opposite process: regeneration, and the creation of new life.
Though it is just one of nature's many cyclic events (which are possibly infinite in number, and in levels of complexity), the "negative peak" of The Winter Solstice is the particular one which appears to have most attracted the attention of human beings in ancient times. As is briefly described further down this page, people in Ireland had already discovered a means of accurately detecting this very important "turning-point" on the dip (of reducing daylight time) by around 3,100 BC; and, the large stone arrangement they constructed for doing so (at Newgrange) still functions accurately and reliably to this day. This very practical and useful device (which is also powerfully symbolic) was designed and built 500 years or so before "The Pyramid Age". (Dynasties III to VI, between 2686 B.C. and 2181 B.C.)
Newgrange is not by any means the oldest of the Irish stone monuments. For example, there is another partly destroyed site approximately five miles or so from New Inn village (known as The Cairn at Alloon) which could be anything up to 7,000 years old. This would make it 2,000 years older than the oldest of the great pyramids of Egypt. It appears that Galway County Council was responsible for the very serious damage caused at this particular site some years ago. Senior politicians have been informed regarding this matter, and additional information concerning this point can be seen on: Letter of October 11th 2000.
At one period in history the Winter Solstice event was celebrated by feasting and revelry which would go on for several days. This great feast became known as the Roman Winter Festival of SATURNALIA.
The e-mail below was sent on December 21st 2001, approximately two hours after the "Newgrange Indicator" signalled that (in the natural world) this year's "turning-point" had been crossed over.
This particular e-mail of December 21st 2001 was sent in the hope that it might arouse some new thinking regarding certain very fundamental social issues in East Galway (in the Republic of Ireland); and it raises major doubts concerning the level (and the quality) of PRACTICAL commitment in The Republic of Ireland to some extremely basic social principles such as: "local democracy" and "the rule of law".




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Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 10:54 AM

Subject: European Parliament Petition 809/2001

Dear Mr. Lowe,

Thank you for your letter dated December 10th 2001 (reference number 312229).

I am very pleased to learn that the Committee on Petitions will begin work on petition 809/2001 in January.

I copied an e-mail to you on December 16th which I hope you will have received.  In case you might not have received it, a copy of the text can now be viewed at either of the two www page addresses provided immediately below:

Developing events here in the Republic of Ireland now prompt me to relate to you the matters outlined below under sections 1 to 5.

Section 1

Despite the many £millions of taxpayers money which are being spent on the Law Court "Tribunals", it is my view (based on what I see as hard evidence) that political-type skulduggery still appears to be rampant in the Republic of Ireland regarding matters connected with the protection of the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to state that I am happy for members of the Committee on Petitions to print out copies of anything they wish (anytime) from either of the above two web sites: on the understanding that such copies are for their own personal use only, and that they will not be used for financial gain.  Also, I hope to have added computer translation facilities for the most popular of the European languages to all of the relevant pages before January; and, as you may know, most of the pages which relate to petition 809/2001 already have this facility.

Section 2

All things considered, it appears (to me) that the State of the Republic of Ireland is itself acting well outside the limits of its own written Constitution in regard to a number of important matters connected with environmental issues.  Far more importantly (as I see it), the State of the Republic of Ireland does not (at the present time) appear to have what it takes to purge itself of the defects which are sustaining the set of problems connected with petition 809/2001: even though there appears to be a legal precedent for doing so.  "The Supreme Court decided in Byrne v Ireland (1972), that the State is a juristic person which can be sued for the wrongful acts of its public servants."  This is a quote from page 9 of the 1999 edition of the book entitled "PRINCIPLES OF IRISH LAW" (5th edition) by Brian Doolan (who is a barrister, and who lectures in law at the Dublin Institute of Technology).

PLEASE NOTE: "PRINCIPLES OF IRISH LAW" is published by Gill & Macmillan ( ); the ISBN reference number is 0-7171-2839-3; and, as far as I know, copies are usually available (off-the-shelf) at many of the larger bookshops here in the Republic of Ireland.

Section 3

The problems connected with Petition 809/2001 have been discussed by me with a number of lawyers who practice here in the Republic of Ireland.  Privately (at least), they appear to believe that the use of the "order of mandamus" legal procedure would provide a remedy for many (if not all) of the problems: because it can be used to compel a person, or a body (such as Galway County Council for example), to perform a legally imposed duty.  I understand that President Mary McAleese is a lawyer, and consequently that she must know about the order-of-mandamus remedy.  (As you may know, the President of the Republic of Ireland is the overall guardian of the Constitution: with job responsibilities - it appears to me at least - for ensuring that the State's political-type standards are kept within reasonable limits.)

PLEASE NOTE:  I did consider trying to make use of the order-of-mandamus remedy myself.  As you possibly know, in the Republic of Ireland the services of three lawyers (one solicitor, and two barristers - one senior and one junior) are required to initiate the process. However, it quickly became clear to me that I might have enormous difficulties finding lawyers who were prepared to undertake the job: even though I had readily available cash to pay for their legal fees, and there was (and still is) what I regard as irrefutable evidence of raw sewage discharges going straight into the river in New Inn village within yards of where I live.  Some additional information regarding the eleven law firms I contacted can be seen at:

Section 4

With further reference to recent comments made by Councillor James Joyce (as related on page 11 of The Connacht Tribune Newspaper article dated December 14th 2001), I note from what he has stated that the sewage system in the East Galway town of Eyrecourt also discharges raw sewage into the local river.  The river in question (called the Eyrecourt river) is a tributary of the River Shannon (which is Ireland's largest river).  I believe the Committee on Petitions considering Petition 809/2001 should be made aware (without delay) of the fact that this part of the Shannon (like most other parts) is much used by people such as anglers, holiday makers, and tourists of all kinds; and that it is just 8 miles or so upstream from the East Galway town of Portumna: which is one of the main tourist centres on the Shannon.  For further information on the tourism industry in the Portumna area please see:
and / or

PLEASE NOTE: The initial references to Councillor James Joyce (in my correspondence) can be seen at: 

As you probably know, one of the main problems with raw sewage is that it can contain many types of disease-causing organisms. These include (for instance) strains of the bacterium referred to as "E. coli O157:H7".  It has been well known for some considerable time now that E. coli O157:H7 can cause a variety of very serious medical problems in humans: some of which are life-threatening (particularly for the very young and the very old). Treatment for the set of illnesses in question can involve such things as blood transfusions, kidney dialysis, kidney replacements, and the need to spend a period of time in intensive care. 

It seems to be common knowledge that one young woman in the village of New Inn has fairly recently had to have a kidney transplant. It is also the case that at least one elderly person who used to live in the village of New Inn suddenly took ill some years ago and died from kidney failure a week or so later.  The elderly person in question was my own mother. In addition, a teenage girl from the parish of Bullaun / New Inn (who used to work part-time for my brother) had a very close encounter with death a few years ago: because (I understand) of an e-coli infection.

PLEASE NOTE: There could have been other similar medical problems around the New Inn (County Galway) area which I would know nothing about (largely because I have lived most of my life in places other than Ireland). Also, and allowing for the fact that New Inn has already hosted a large rubbish dump for a period of 18 years or so (between 1971 to 1989), I would be very interested to know if any attempt is being made by the European Parliament health authorities to monitor area-patterns of illnesses associated with water pollution coming from land-fill sites of the kind in question?  There is strong evidence (connected with - among other things - the unlawful destruction of an ancient Children's Burial Ground), that throughout the 18 year period it was in use, this particular rubbish dump may have been run in a completely reckless fashion by Galway County Council.

Further information regarding E. coli O157:H7 can be seen at:
and / or at

I have made numerous attempts to bring the matter of the raw sewage discharges into the river in New Inn village to the attention of the medical authorities here in the Republic of Ireland.  For example, I pointed it out to the Minister for Health Mr. Micheal Martin T.D. in a letter to him dated July 27th 2000.  For a variety of reasons, copies of this particular letter were also sent to the following three people:

a) Dr. Anne Jeffers (Consultant Psychiatrist, Western Health Board),

b) Dr. Sheila Ryan (Chief Executive Officer of the Western health Board),
c) Mr. Kenneth Murphy (Director General of The Law Society of Ireland).

Scanned copies of the Post Office receipts for the four registered letters in question can be seen at:

PLEASE NOTE: Although some alterations were made around the area of the bridge in New Inn village six months or so ago, the several sewage discharges still go straight into the river; and the odours from the Primary School sewage system are still present.  Some photographic evidence can be seen at:

Section 5

In so far as I can judge, the ongoing difficulties outlined in Petition 809/2001 are not the consequence of government money shortages of any kind.  Media reports suggest that a considerable amount of cabinet discussion time is now being spent on matters relating to a sports complex which it is estimated could (if it goes ahead) cost something in the region of £550 million.  It is to be located somewhere in or around Prime Minister Ahern's own electoral constituency area in the Dublin region.  In connection with this project, at least one senior cabinet minister now appears to be having major doubts (relating to "priority" considerations, it seems). Nevertheless, the following quote has appeared in the December 17th 2001 edition of The Irish Independent Newspaper:  ' Mr Ahern said only last week that he remained "as committed as ever" to the Abbotstown complex.'

Further information can be found at:

There are a number of other reports in circulation here concerning allegations and complaints (being made by politicians other than Councillor James Joyce) that government ministers are spending money (intended for the country as a whole) in a disproportionate way: which is heavily biased in favour of their own electoral constituencies.  If true, this is done presumably (?) for the purpose of boosting re-election chances: and/or furthering their own political ambitions perhaps(?).  As an example of the kind of report I have in mind, the November 30th 2001 edition of The Irish Times Newspaper carries an article (on page 14 of the Features section) which states that £6.5 million has recently been spent on a new music centre "in the heart of the constituency of Sile de Valera, the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands".

As far as I know, it is the case that nothing remotely resembling that kind of £6.5 million sum has been spent on any one particular heritage project in the East Galway area during Ms Sile de Valera's term in office as Heritage Minister.  I do know though that there is still no sign (that I know of) of any money being spent on certain important and needy heritage sites in the parish of Bullaun & New Inn.  Woodlawn House (for example) is literally falling to pieces at the present time - even though the site was visited by an architect from The Heritage Council (on October 18th 2001) who expressed the view that the building was definitely worth saving.  Further information can be found at:

The world famous Turoe Stone is also located in the parish of Bullaun & New Inn.  For various reasons this priceless item of Celtic heritage - which is well known to have close links with the La Tène area of Switzerland (right in heart of mainland Europe), and which is thought to be somewhere in the region of 2,000 years old, has been struggling (by itself) for some time now to retain its shape and general appearance.  Help has been sought; but, no help seems to be forthcoming: even though the matter was brought to the attention of both Heritage Minister Sile de Valera herself, and the then Junior Minister for Heritage Mr. Éamon Ó Cuív, over two years ago.  More detailed information can be found at:

With due regard for the information I have provided above (and elsewhere in earlier correspondence), it seems to me that many ordinary citizens (including myself) are systematically and blatantly being deprived of some of the most basic environmental protections provided for us in law:  for no good reason that I know of. 

As I see it, a person's local environment is by far the most important asset that they have; and consequently I take these matters extremely seriously: as I hope the Committee on Petitions will when they start to examine petition 809/2001 in January.

I fully realise (and accept) that, in the interests of fairness, the European Parliament will now require a reasonable amount of time to consider this and earlier information I have provided in connection with petition 809/2001.  At the same time though, I do hope that there will not be any undue delay.  In connection with this point, I feel that the petition 809/2001 type difficulties I have been struggling with during the past few years have been ignored by a lot of people - some of whom are being very well paid from taxpayers money - who (in my view) should know better.  Regardless of whether such feelings are justified or not, it is nevertheless the case that throughout this lengthy period I have often felt as though I am being subjected to some form of very ugly and very potent psychological violence: which possibly has no limits attached to it.

There is also of course the matter of the stress and strain connected with my financial expenses: which, apart from a sum of £2,300 donated by my brother in the early stages of this long drawn out saga, have all had to come from my own personal savings.  These financial reserves are much depleted now: as are my emotional reserves.

Allowing for the contents of the two paragraphs immediately above, it would be very much appreciated if you and your colleagues would please consider forwarding this e-mail to the members of the Committee on Petitions BEFORE they start their work on petition 809/2001 in January.  Later today, I intend to send a copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post (which I will sign).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues at the European Parliament for all of your help to date in connection with petition 809/2001. 

I would also of course like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.


Mr. William Finnerty.


Printed copies of the above e-mail were also sent on December 21st 2001 through the registered post to the three people shown below:

dl.jpg (19762 bytes)

ms.jpg (21638 bytes)

jj.jpg (19532 bytes)

"It appears also that the changing seasons (and their associated cycles of degeneration and regeneration) were greatly revered and very carefully monitored by the ancient Celts. For example, the great passage-tomb at Newgrange, County Meath (which is now thought to have been built around 3100 BC - making it one of the oldest buildings in the world), seems to have been very skilfully constructed in such a way that on the morning of December 21st of each year (the winter solstice), a pencil-thin shaft of light penetrates the chamber for approximately 17 minutes: symbolic some think of the womb-like compartment being impregnated by the sun - so as to arouse the fertility of the soil, and thus begin the new cycle of annual regeneration."
 ... more ... (please click here and look under "NEWGRANGE") ...
There is a considerable amount of historical evidence which suggests that the relatively recent Festival of Christmas may (in large part) be an adaptation of the ancient Roman Winter Festival of Saturnalia.
One of a number of possible explanations for the present four day delay between the Winter Solstice (on December 21st), and Christmas Day (on December 25th), is that people on mainland Europe around the time of Christ were possibly using detection methods for the "turning-point" which were considerably less accurate than the very finely tuned "Newgrange Indicator" in Ireland (built around 3100 B.C.).  As a consequence, the people of Rome in very early Christian times would have had to allow some extra days to satisfy themselves that the turning-point really had been crossed.
Some may be interested to know that the word "Solstice" is derived from the two Roman words: "sol" meaning sun, and "sistere," to cause to stand still: which is what appears to happen at the very tip of the "negative peak", and what makes the precise moment of the changeover difficult (but not impossible) to detect.
For many people living in the local area, one of the main highlights of the Christmas period in East Galway is The New Inn Mummers Festival. Information regarding this year's event (which takes place on January 5th and 6th 2002) can be seen on page 14 of the December 14th 2001 edition of the The Connacht Tribune Newspaper.
As related in the newspaper article, The Festival Secretary is a person named Michael Finnerty. For as far back as available modern records are capable of indicating (which is the late 1700s in this case), it can be seen that the direct-in-line male ancestors of Michael have all lived right alongside the New Inn section of the ancient Esker Riada roadway ("An Slí Mór"). Also, an examination of the more ancient historical works reveals that Michael's much earlier ancestors may have had close connections with the nearby Turoe area which go back as far as 1317 B.C.   Even more interesting though is the possibility that one particular ancient ancestor of his, named Ollamh Fodhla, may have originated the historically famous "Feis-Teamhrach" (The Great Feast of Tara). For further information please see:
Annals of The Four Masters.
There is reason to believe that the essential combination of ingredients required for the very colourful type of joyful leisure activities associated with The New Inn Mummers Festival would have been been discovered as far back as 10,000 years ago. This discovery represented a huge jump forward in the social development of human beings, and there is DNA type evidence available apparently which suggests that some kind of physically significant (and lasting) change did actually take place in the human brain at around that period in history.
Allowing for the contents of the paragraph immediately above, it is thought that the appearance in historical records of the Roman Winter Festival of Saturnalia probably represents a development-stage ONLY: involving the relatively recent period of around 400 B.C. The true origins of Winter-Solstice based celebrations are likely to go back much further. For additional information please see:
New Inn Mummers Festival (Year 2000).
It appears also that the significant increase in capacity which is believed to have occurred some 10,000 ago was the last major improvement that the human brain has undergone; and it is tempting to speculate that the next one, assuming (that is) that NATURE has plans for some more, might be marked by the time in history when human society finds the necessary combination of ingredients to purge itself of the skulduggery (or whatever it is) which causes and sustains social problems of the kind outlined above in the text of the e-mail dated December 21st 2001.
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