Celtic heritage sites now under SERIOUS threat
 - both at Tara, and at Turoe.


Turoe Celtic Society

  "Turoe Celtic Society was formed as a result of 40 years of research by Fr. Tom O'Connor and the publication of his book 'Turoe and Athenry, Ancient Capitals of Celtic Ireland'. Since many of the historical/archaeological sites identified by Fr. O'Connor are officially unrecognised, high among the aims of this Group are the creation of awareness of the these sites and the promotion of them in a positive manner.

We are not connected with the recent petition to the EU concerning serious threats to heritage sites.

We will co-operate with other groups that have similar aims to those stated above and will continue to work in a positive manner towards achieving these aims."

          James Cloherty, Chairman Turoe Celtic Society.

          Kieran Jordan , Vice-Chairman Turoe Celtic Society.

          September 24th 2003


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Subject: Fw: Celtic heritage sites now under SERIOUS threat - both at Tara, and at Turoe.

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Subject: Celtic heritage sites now under SERIOUS threat - both at Tara, and at Turoe.

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Subject: Fw: Petition sent on Sept. 22nd 2003 to the European Parliament (regarding plan to put new road through Knocknadala)
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 10:31:54 +0100

Hello to Everyone,

At the last full business meeting (held on September 14th 2003) of the Turoe Celtic Society (based in East Galway) it was suggested that, while our group should remain fully independent of all others, we ought at the same time strive to co-operate with other groups in similar situations to ourselves.

As some of you may already know, our difficulties here in Galway have much in common with those of the "Save the Tara-Skreen Valley Group" in Meath.

In so far as I can quickly judge, we are roughly 2 months or so behind you regarding the issue of Compulsory Purchase Orders.

There is information in the petition to the European Parliament (dated September 22nd 2003) referred to below which it seems to me may be useful for ANY group that is trying to protect heritage sites in the Republic of Ireland.

One thing I did not know about until very recently is the fact that the Republic of Ireland ratified the European Valetta Convention in 1997 - which is on the "Protection of the Archaeological Heritage" (European Treaty Series 143).

In case there might be any others out there who are not aware of the Valetta Convention ratification, further information can be found in the petition of September 22nd 2003 at the Internet address below.  Among many other things, it contains a statement in Article 5 which reads: "The allocation of sufficient time and resources for an appropriate scientific study to be made of the site for its findings to be published."

Regards to all,

Billy Finnerty.

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From: William Finnerty
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Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 9:04 AM
Subject: Petition sent on Sept. 22nd 2003 to the European Parliament (regarding plan to put new road through Knocknadala)


With the matter of CPO's (Compulsory Purchase Orders) in mind - which are now due to be issued in just 14 weeks time or so, plus the fact that nobody (other than myself) turned up at last Sunday's meeting in the Meadow Court Hotel, I decided to send a petition to the European Parliament myself last Monday.

I would like to STRESS that I did NOT make any mention at all of the Turoe Celtic Society in the petition I posted last Monday.

Consequently, the group can still petition the European Parliament at a later date in a fully independent way (if it so wishes).

It is still my hope that the group will petition the European Parliament at some later date (before too long) - simply because I can't imagine that there is a single political party in the world who cares in the least about the loss of the vote of just one individual person acting is isolation.

I sent a copy of Fr. Tom's book with the petition (which is of course available to all members of the public), and I copied the petition letter to Margot Wallstr÷m (the EU Environment Commissioner).  I also sent Ms. Wallstr÷m a copy of Fr Tom's book.

The text of the petition letter I sent last Monday can now be seen at the Internet address below:


Regards to all,

Billy Finnerty.

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