Appeal to the UK Department of Social Security
(Letter dated March 17th 2003)

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To:  Ms Lindsey Bucknor (Manager), Department of Social Security, Monkmoor Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 5AL.    Your reference: YH 61 59 74 D.

Dear  Ms Bucknor,

Thank you for your letter dated February 25th 2003.

I believe it is quite unreasonable and quite wrong for the UK Department of Social Security to keep on flatly refusing each and EVERY request for help I have made since October 31st 2002:  in circumstances whereby I have supplied several people employed by the UK DSS with evidence of the political, legal, and corporate corruption I am being subjected to in connection with (among other things) the superdump which a company called Celtic Waste is at present planning to locate close to my home in the Republic of Ireland.

My understanding, and please correct me (in writing) if I am wrong, is that the main reason the UK DSS gives for not providing me with ANY help or guidance at all - legal or otherwise - is because I have not put my home in the Republic of Ireland up for sale: which, from my viewpoint, would be to play right into the hands of those holding high office in the Republic of Ireland who have (in effect) driven me out of the country - through the use of the political, legal, and corporate corruption they have perpetrated, and which they CONTINUE TO SUSTAIN.

As your records should already show, those provided with evidence of the corruption in question include the UK Department of Social Security Minister Andrew Smith MP; and, as can be seen through the "" web site address link provided below, Prime Minister Tony Blare MP, Shrewsbury MP Mr Paul Marsden, Shrewsbury County Council (Local Government), and the London Metropolitan Police Service are among the many others who have also been informed.

With regard to this FINAL appeal of mine to the UK DSS (dated March 17th 2003), it would be much appreciated if all concerned would please take full account of BOTH of the two main sources of background information to my case provided below:
Source 1: The paperwork connected with my earlier appeals of recent months to the Birmingham Appeals Service (their reference: U/04/051/2003/ 00183).
Source 2: The many relevant links on the Front Page of following Internet web site:

Please note also that, if requested, I am in a position to supply the UK Department of Social Security with irrefutable evidence, in CD ROM form, of the political, legal, and corporate corruption referred to above: which includes the evidence already SIGNED for at the New Scotland Yard Headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police Service on October 28th 2002.

For future reference purposes, including those connected with European Parliament Petition 809/2001, it is my intention to place a copy of this text at the following Internet page address:


Mr William Finnerty.                       March 17 2003


 Royal Mail receipt for letter posted to UK Dept. Social Security on March 17th 2003:









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