Woodlawn House:
ideal location for Galway County Museum?

  Orna Hanly Architect (OHA)   

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  Note added on July 3rd 2003: 
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  • Orna Hanly graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street.
  • Trained in Exhibition Design with the Irish Heritage Trust and the James Gardner Studio London.
  • Established her studio in 1989 to provide a specialist museum design and development service.
  • Over a period of fifteen years, Orna Hanly and her team have created and project managed the development of museums, exhibitions and heritage centres throughout Ireland.
  • An essential part of her successful track record is Orna Hanly's background as both as an architect and museum designer combined with a keen interest in history, archaeology and the arts.
  • Orna Hanly is a board member of the Heritage Council and currently the Chairperson of the Architectural Committee, and also a member of the Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland and the Institute of Designers in Ireland.
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 2:57 PM
Subject: Re: Woodlawn House - ideal location for Galway County Museum ???

Dear Mr. Finnerty,
Many thanks for the detailed information which you have forwarded to me and the various websites. Indeed, we have had feedback from Mr. Brendan Kelly with regard to Woodlawn House. If you wish, you are invited to complete and return the attached questionnaire which will form part of the feasibility study. Please bear in mind, that the Feasibility Study is not ONLY for a Museum i.e. as in building but also as a Museum Service i.e. service that may be provided throughout Galway in various towns.
Once again, many thanks for showing interest and being part of our consultation process.
Best regards
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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 1:29 PM
Subject: Woodlawn House - ideal location for Galway County Museum ???

Dear Kathy,
A neighbour of mine (Mr Brendan Kelly) informed me in a conversation last week that he had earlier this month suggested Woodlawn House to you as a possible location for a Galway County Museum / County Museum Service.
I understand you are at present seeking likely sites - for the purpose of carrying out feasibility studies on them.
Brendan also told me he was unable to provide you with any photographs of Woodlawn House at the time he contacted you, and he has asked me to make some available to you - two of which can be seen at the www page address immediately below.
There is also a map and some text at the following address which outlines the close and contrasting connection between the Diarmuid and Grainne monument of very ancient times, and the much more recent Woodlawn House:
I feel I should point out that the very strong threat in recent years of a superdump being located near Woodlawn House (by Celtic Waste\National Toll Roads) now seems to be greatly reduced - if not entirely eliminated; and, that in today's "Local News Extra" section of the Connacht Tribune Newspaper (i.e.May 30th 2003), there are statements to this effect from Mr John Brennan, West Regional Director of the Irish Business & Employers Confederation.
As the thought has crossed my mind that the IBEC (http://www.ibec.ie/) may know of business people who might also be interested in the restoration of Woodlawn House, I am copying this e-mail to them.
It might be worth mentioning that the world famous Turoe Stone is at the opposite end of our parish (of New Inn & Bullaun) to Woodlawn House, and that it is almost true to say that the Turoe Stone, and Woodlawn House, both sit on top of the 10,000 year old ESKER RIADA (An Sli Mor) - which runs right through the centre of the parish. For further information on the Esker Riada please see:
Finally, and as you may already know, a new book is soon to be published (in approximately six weeks time I understand), which will argue, very strongly, that Turoe - and not Tara - was the REAL centre of Ireland's Iron Age Celtic Kingdom. I have been informed that this new book will be an edited version (by Dr. Kieran Jordan) of a much larger work produced by Fr. Tom O'Connor - which he has spent some 40 years researching. ( www.turoeandathenry.com )
Further information relating to The Turoe Stone can be found at:
Billy (Finnerty).

Photographs of Woodlawn House:



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