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The ONLY requirement for membership
 is a desire the see the property restored.

For just over a year now, a small group of local people from around the Woodlawn area of East County Galway (in the Republic of Ireland) has been having meetings (often informal) for the purpose of trying to find ways of co-operating with anybody who might be interested in trying to SAVE the set of buildings that are collectively known as "Woodlawn House".

Woodlawn House has a very long, and a very interesting history that is closely connected with the Lord Ashtown title - which has been held by the Trench Family for several generations.



  • An electronic "form" is provided below which is intended to help members of the Friends Of Woodlawn House Group (FOWHG) to establish and maintain contact with each other.
  • Please feel free to fill in as much (or as little!) of the form as you wish: and then click on the "SUBMIT" button at the end.
  • If you have historical information about Woodlawn House which you would like to include, please add it into the TEXT AREA just above the SUBMIT button.

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The intention is to publish the information you submit on a SEMI-PRIVATE Internet page - that is, a www (world wide web) page which the general public SHOULD NOT have any kind of easy access to.

Please note that for security reasons, the address of the semi-private page may be changed from time to time - in which case everybody on the list with an e-mail address will be informed of the new location on the same day that the address change is made.
  • Provided you include an e-mail contact address in the form below you will be sent the address of the semi-private www page containing other members contact information.
  • If you do not have an e-mail address at the present time, you may find it useful to know that either of the following two well known Internet organisations can provide you with one (FREE OF CHARGE):
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Restoration Project    RestorationProject

The situation so far with the Woodlawn House Restoration Project:
Leader of Green Party (Trevor Sargent) mentions "bribery"
 (July 3rd 2003)
Tyrone House >>> similar problems to Woodlawn House
(July 2nd 2003)

E-mail to Ms Orna Hanly's & IBEC offices (May 30th 2003) (April 25th 2003)

Letter dated April 17th 2003 to Secretary-General of European Commission

Letter dated February 27th 2003 from the European Parliament
(Re: Annex IV, point 3 of Directive 85/337/EEC)

E-mail letter dated October 5th 2002
to the Republic of Ireland Environment Protection Agency

Re: Progress Report 3    >>>    Please see: Section 4 (Sept 11 2002 e-mail to EU)

Progress Report 2 (October 27th 2001)

Progress Report 1 (October 8th 2001)






  This is the first time I have submitted my contact information to the
Friends Of Woodlawn House Group.
  This is an update to replace information sent earlier.
  This is a request to remove all of my contact information.


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